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Real time mobile order and checkout


mobile order & checkout

Mobile shopping cart allows guests to order and pay or split bill directly on their phones whenever they want.

Real time mobile order and checkout


restaurant database

Make Menu changes from anywhere and anytime with real-time updates at a tap on any phone or tablet.

Real time mobile order and checkout


customer data & retarget

Greet your customers by name and treat them like regulars, for a consistent experience regardless of the server’s experience.

Seamless Pre-Order & Takeout

Bring your guest experience to life, with a digital support system that will connect you with them more than ever.

  • Increase turnover and efficiency

    with less staff, by letting guests view menus, order, and pay on their phones.

  • Connect with more people

    on premise or online under one view, with messaging tools to re-engage with guests after checkout.

  • Manage your restaurant from anywhere

    on your phone with queue management, menu modifiers and real-time visibility on customers & staff.

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Seamless Pre-Order & Takeout Feature
Integrated POS

Integrated POS

No more waiting to be served! Create a faster, more personalized guest experience and streamline your staff workflows.

  • Real-time mobile order

    Guests can send their order to the kitchen from their phones or allow servers to recommend & add items directly to their cart, in real-time

  • Generate more revenue

    through personalized interaction with order history visibility, pre-loaded recommendations, and one click re-ordering

  • Contactless payments

    allow guests to check out on their phone, split bills between diner or item, and get e-receipts at their own convenience

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Engagement CRM

Personalize every touch point with your guests like never before. Treat them like VIPs with past order history and preferences, on premise or after they leave.

  • Engage your customers

    Diners benefit from servers instantly accessing past orders & preferences for enhanced service.

  • Capture customer info & retarget

    Managers use insights to retarget customer with personalized offers.

  • Increase brand awareness

    Increase brand awareness in a crowded, competitive market.

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Engagement Reclaim Feature
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