STEER Launches New POS Solution to Revolutionize Small Business Transactions and Customer Experience 

Suku W

On May 10, 2023, Steer Technologies Inc. unveiled its new POS solution, Gr8Tables, aimed at revolutionizing small business transactions and customer experience. Gr8Tables is an interactive mobile POS solution that will serve as another pillar service module within the STEER on-demand service system, bringing new competitive advantages to the restaurant industry.  STEER on-demand service aims to provide customers with fast, reliable, and affordable options. The addition of Gr8Tables enhances the scope of STEER’s on-demand services, providing businesses and users with a higher quality and more comprehensive service. Additionally, Steer announced that they will offer the Gr8Tables POS solution for free to the first 500 participating companies

The Gr8Tables team provided a product demo highlighting the intelligent features of Gr8Tables which allows businesses to:

1) Reduce the number of service staff required while covering a larger dining area –
Servers are freed from cash register duties and can focus more on providing upselling services and product recommendations, thus increasing customer satisfaction and average sales per transaction.

2) Increase their average order value –
With integrated personalized recommendations and promotional features, Gr8Tables helps businesses, especially in high-margin beverage sales, resulting in a 15% boost in revenue for restaurants.

3) Eliminates the need for extensive hardware –
As a mobile solution, Gr8Tables, reduces investment and operational costs for businesses.  The digital management system of Gr8Tables also helps businesses reduce current monthly hardware fees and printing costs.

4) Understand consumer behavior and trends by capturing and analyzing customer data –

Gr8Tables provides an integrated and user-friendly CRM function that allows businesses to communicate directly with customers. With integrated customer management tools, businesses can better engage with their customers and offer personalized promotions enhancing customer loyalty and repeat visits.

According to Suman Pushparajah, CEO of Steer Technologies Inc., this product is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to meet their unique needs. With the rapid advancement of technology and increasing demand from consumers for convenient and secure payment methods, traditional cash register systems have failed to meet the needs of both consumers and restaurant businesses. Gr8Tables fills this gap in the market by providing consumers with a convenient and high-quality dining experience while offering restaurant businesses a comprehensive solution to adapt to rapidly changing and contactless environments. 

(CEO of Steer Technologies Inc., Suman Pushparajah) 

With the launch of Gr8Tables, Steer Technologies Inc. once again sets the benchmark for innovation in the small business market, marking further expansion of their on-demand services within the small business market. In the future, the two main sectors of STEER, the subscription service and on-demand services, will continue to help more businesses achieve growth and success by providing efficient and intelligent POS solutions, transforming their transaction processes, and enhancing customer experiences. 

Gr8Tables will provide a range of support and training services for registered businesses. The professional team behind Gr8Tables will offer detailed training to help businesses smoothly transition to the new POS system and master its functionalities. In addition, the technical team of Gr8Tables will provide round-the-clock technical support to ensure that businesses receive timely assistance for any issues they may encounter. Companies that are ready to embrace the future of hospitality can register and join the waitlist for the free POS solutions by visiting the Gr8Tables website.


Suku Wong – [email protected]